A selection of some of the included topics:

Better communication, better outcomes

Running an outstanding Intensive Care team

What have we learnt from recent research?

What’s next in translational research?

Visiting hours in ICU: benefits and downsides

Does the outside world know what an ICU is?

What’s new in ARDS

ECMO during one of the worst winters: did we cope?

What have I learnt from my experience?

How do I manage septic shock

How do I manage liver failure in ICU

How do I manage non-invasive ventilation outside ICU

POCUS – how much should I know?

Cardiac arrest management: what’s new?

Neurological prognostication – what should I know?

Pre-habilitation: ready for the prime time

Measuring quality in ICU: what have we learnt?

Post-operative complications after emergency laparotomies

Trauma centre after 10 years: are we any better

Improving outcomes after subarachnoid haemorrhage: looking beyond vasospasm

Surviving Sepsis Campaign: is it making any difference?

...and many more.